Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250


Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250
Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250

Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250

When you're dealing with large structures like a bridge, a manufacturing plant or a refinery, a strong foundation is key. Norseman's Nordic Void ThermaGuard TG-250 gives you all the benefits of the original Nordic Void Form, with improved thermal insulation and enhanced weight-bearing capacity for the heaviest structures. TG-250 can last for years, holding up in varying temperatures and environmental conditions, and protecting your foundation from damage due to frost and soil swell.


Engineered structural load-bearing, resilient void form, has been designed to protect foundations from damage due to frost heave and soil swell.

  • Resists significant degradation from hydrocarbons including bitumen laden soils, crude oil and diesel fuel.

  • Chemical and water-resistant.

  • Available in a multitude of thicknesses.

  • Performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures.

  • Lightweight; installs easily and quickly.

  • It does not require protective poly or surface protection such as plywood or OSB; it can be walked on and concrete can be poured directly onto it.

  • Reusable and completely recyclable.

  • Acts as an elastomeric insulator to dissipate the up-lift forces caused by multiple frost heave and soil swell cycles. Without this protection, the transfer of force directly to pile caps, foundations, grade beams and other poured concrete forms could result in structural damage.

  • It has a 40% improvement in its thermal insulation value when compared to our original Nordic Void products. When installed as an insulating flank around the foundation, TG-250 helps prevent frost from migrating under the pile cap/slab, to better reduce heave.

  • More resilient with a 25% improvement in resistance to creep (i.e.: permanent loss of thickness under constant static compressive load). Testing involving multiple stress/strain cycles also shows improved resiliency, meaning that TG-250 will perform year after year.

  • Nordic Void TG-250 offers a 30% increase in load-bearing capacity, allowing for higher concrete pour weights and improved.

Gear Points




Prevents thermal transfer, diminishes conductive heat loss, reduces heave.



Designed for resilience using closed-cell polyethylene foam. Holds up to frost heave and soil swell and remains stable over a range of temperatures.



Resists insects, vermin, moisture, mould, frost, bitumen, oil, hydrocarbon and diesel fuel.



Planks can be bonded to others to perfectly fit your project regardless of thickness or shape. It does not require protective OSB or plywood cover.



Strong, flexible polyethylene foam that withstands temperatures. Easy to use and maintains its durability.

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Coverage applications for any size site for any type of project.

Product Number Product Name Size Thickness
NordicVoid ThermaGuard TG250 48" X 96" 2"
NordicVoid ThermaGuard TG250 48" X 96" 4"
NordicVoid ThermaGuard TG250 48" X 96" 6"
NordicVoid ThermaGuard TG250 48" X 96" 8"
Special Order
NordicVoid ThermaGuard TG250 48" X 96" 10"


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