We Are Fiercely Reliable

We're not just reliable. We're Fiercely Reliable.

Those two words sum up our approach to every aspect of our business. Like the Vikings of the north from whom we draw our name, our products are built to withstand harsh elements, hard work and challenging circumstances. We don't cut corners. We are passionate in our dedication to quality and integrity, and will go the extra mile to make sure every single product is up to our high standards.

Our dedication to customer service is just as strong. We believe strongly in working with you, walking you through questions and concerns and becoming your trusted advisor in selecting products. From concept through completion, we believe we can be an integral part of your projects.

In everything we do, we define ourselves by our intense level of commitment to quality and service. You can count on us to deliver on your expectations, to tackle product challenges and to remain Fiercely Reliable.

Core Values:                                       

Think like a customer – driven by our problem solving curiosity we strive to continually improve every aspect of our business by taking the extra step to solve problems with an appropriate sense of urgency.

Collaboration – effective teamwork allows everyone to accomplish more by unleashing our collective ingenuity to find better solutions.

Integrity matters – We do the right thing and hold each other to be accountable – to do what we say we will do – both individually and as an organization.

We take care of each other – We care and respect our customers, fellow employees and business partners by understanding their needs and providing the support they require.

Community spirit – We are good corporate citizens and try to make a difference in the communities we operate.