Transportation Tarps

Norseman’s truck, dump truck box and roll-up asphalt tarps provide that extra layer of protection to your load by preventing debris from flying out of the truck bed and helping to retain the heat of asphalt during transportation.

Roll-up Asphalt Truck Tarps

When hauling hot asphalt, help retain the heat and product quality using a Norseman Canvas Roll-Up Asphalt Tarp as a truck box cover. Available in a variety of standard truck box lengths.

Mesh Truck Tarps

Ideal for covering truck boxes when hauling loose loads including rock, sand, gravel, garbage and debris. Custom fabricated from durable vinyl coated mesh - standard colour black. Norseman Mesh Truck Tarps are available in two formats:

Flat Tarps

Tarps w/Pockets

Belly Tarps

These canvas tarps are used retain engine heat, preventing oil freeze ups in cold weather. They can also be used to keep the underside of heavy haulers free of debris and contaminates.

Need something different – ask us about our custom tarps. Minimum quantities apply.

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