At Norseman, we are committed to being an environmentally and socially responsible entity by taking a proactive approach in identifying and eliminating high energy expenders in our daily business practices and in developing sustainable manufacturing processes and products to minimize waste and pollution in the production cycle.

When it comes to being better…at anything, it's the little things that make the difference. In an effort to become more environmentally conscious, we started small. Trivial actions including turning off our computers, office lights and equipment at the end of every day and recycling all of our paper, cardboard, aluminum and glass, are simple and easy steps we have taken to start making a positive change in our businesses ecological footprint.

Green Manufacturing

We are re-creating product and process technology by using innovative thinking to provide changes in our supply chain, asset and product lifestyle management.

  • We support green suppliers who offer products made from sustainable resources and use sustainable practices.
  • Our supply chain management decisions are focused on minimizing waste produced by packaging materials, transportation by distributing our products to customers in large volumes and by combining deliveries to several customers.
  • We ensure all equipment is performing at optimal levels saving energy and reducing waste
  • We quote and manufacture products based on best part yields from raw materials so little material is left to waste.
  • Green from the get-go, we provide sustainable product designs that minimize waste and harmful discharges in the production cycle and lifecycle of the product itself.
  • We fabricate durable products that can be reused, recycled or disposed of to create an efficient source of energy once their serviceability has depleted.
  • We use all waste material and off-cuts to manufacture other products and fabricate our products samples.
  • Using appropriate and safe methods to dispose of any hazardous wastes.
  • We provide services to repair products to eliminate the need to discard them as waste.

Not only are we contributing to the creation of our own eco-friendly company, but also leading by example in implementing eco-friendly processes and manufacturing products that will facilitate the ability of other businesses and industries in going green.