SitePro Series Welding & Utility Tents

Construction sites come with high demands: the work is fast paced and continues through unfavourable conditions. We kept that in mind when designing our welding and utility tents. They're easy to set-up and move around as needed, and durable enough to protect workers in harsh weather.

Make your mark - Norseman's line of welding and utility tents can be branded with your company logo, making your company stand out on a jobsite. Minimum quantities apply. 

SitePro W-Series Heavy Duty Tent

The SitePro W-Series is a durable welding and utility tent, designed for longer term projects on pipeline and construction sites. Fabricated with 14 oz, high tear, flame resistant fabric, the SitePro W-Series tent is designed to withstand rigorous use. Key features include:

SitePro S-Series Medium Duty Tent

The SitePro S-Series is a lightweight, compact and efficient welding and utility tent which can be used in a number of applications. Fabricated with 14 oz, high tear, flame resistant fabric, the SitePro S-Series tent is designed for easy set-up and transportation. Key features include:

SitePro M-Series Light Duty Tent

The ultimate in portability, our M-Series welding and utility tents are ultra-light and compact enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck, van, and even some cars. Fabricated with 6 oz flame resistant fabric, the SitePro M-Series tent is an economical, lightweight option that provides excellent protection from wind, rain and other harsh conditions. Key features include:


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