Custom Protective Solutions


Our world, our society and our quality of life continues to progress through the vision, foresight and relentless spirit of the inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs who are driven by the desire to find a better way of doing things – and to provide the must-have goods that our modern society demands.

Norseman’s expertise in foam fabrication has led us to specialize in two distinct areas.

First, Norseman provides foam fabrication and design solutions: creating the integral foam components used in leading medical, athletic, marine and sporting gear.

Secondly, we are a leading provider of protective packing solutions that keep products safe and sound from the assembly line to the customers door.

Some call it a cocoon. Others call it armor. We call it high performance protective gear. You will too.



You have invested so much into your product… nurturing its development like a proud and protective parent. That’s why we work collaboratively with your product team to engineer fit-to-purpose foam solutions that meet your exacting specifications and performance standards.

Norseman’s foam fabrication solutions enhance the performance, functionality, comfort and protection of products for a variety of sectors, including: medical; marine; defence; sports, recreation and leisure; industrial; consumer; electronics and beyond.  

Our performance advantage is a true blend of material science, functional geometry, process capability, understanding of customer experience, and operational excellence that is second to none.

We are uniquely positioned to partner with you to develop your next-generation product through:

Norseman is one of North America’s premiere fabricators of Plastazote® and Evazote® materials, which are recognized worldwide for their strength, durability and consistency.  



For those who think outside of the box when it comes to creating new products, technologies, Norseman thinks inside the box – as a specialized provider of protective, high-performance packaging solutions.

We protect your gear so it can perform to its fullest potential. From glassware to advanced high-tech equipment that is changing the world. Our advanced foam fabrication systems that cradle your products to withstand all of the obstacles between your shipping docks and your customer’s success.