About Us


Our story began almost 100 years ago, in a canvas tent on the remote and untamed northern prairies. This is where we learned about the craft of protection – and its vital impact on people, their livelihoods and their futures.

Over this time, Norseman has grown and evolved – from being a mere maker of products – to a leading manufacturer of high performance gear. While products allow you to do your job, gear is much more. It’s painstakingly designed and meticulously crafted to address the real-world challenges those who rely on it face daily.

Our journey to become a gear specialist didn’t happen overnight.

It has been earned over nine decades and has taken us around the world.

It is the result of our tireless efforts to understand, appreciate, analyze, dissect and truly grasp the struggles, pressures and obstacles that stand between our customers and their goals. In some of the harshest environments imaginable. It comes from a relentless drive to continually find new and better ways to contribute to our customers’ success: through innovative thinking and new technologies. And it is inspired by a realization that failure is simply not an option.

Today, Norseman is equipping our North American customers to excel at their trade and consistently outperform on their chosen stage. On outdoor construction sites and drilling platforms. In manufacturing plants. On shipping and loading docks. Anywhere that work demands their best – and ours.

For Norseman, gear is personal. As it is for those who depend on it. Those who do the heavy lifting and the hard work. The builders. The inventors. The risk takers.

It is for them – for you – that Norseman has developed our line of specialty gear. From advanced portable ducting to smart shipping liners. Superior insulated blankets to premium custom foam fabrication…. and beyond.

When it comes from Norseman, this is gear: this is GEAR2PERFORM.