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Feature Gear

The conditions for success. Don’t let climates impact your team’s jobsite performance. Learn how our line-up of ducting gear lets you perform at a consistently higher level.

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A second skin. Our bulk shipping liners protect your valuable cargos, in high seas, winding highways and remote rail routes: acting as a protective skin.

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Cover your interests. No matter how low the thermometer drops, our true-size insulated blankets ensure peak performance in a variety of construction applications.

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Gear to protect and enhance gear. Through our design & fabrication of foam components, and custom product packaging, Norseman helps ensure your products perform at their best.

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Turn Your Jobsite Into A High Performance Environment.

When you know your gear won't fail you - you can focus on the job at hand. Our products let those who do the heavy lifting perform smarter, more comfortably and more efficiently. Norseman products are crafted and manufactured to the highest standards. You can count on it.

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